Hipster Git Commands: Git Stache

We’re all familiar with ‘git stash’ – the ability to store changes in a special working folder without committing them to the repository.

Well… thanks to a tweet by Jimmy Bogard, we now have the hipster version:

git stache

(image from http://die-hipster-die.blogspot.com/2010/01/hipster-mustache-brigade.html)

Here’s what it looks like when you run git stache:

Screen Shot 2011 07 27 at 1 28 39 PM

and here’s how to make it work:

# put this in your ~/.gitconfig file

  stache = !echo "You probably didnt want those files, anyway..." && echo && git stash $@

enjoy your hipster git command :)

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  • I also replied to Jimmy’s tweet with the “git stache” alias that I created a few weeks ago:¬†stache = !git add -A && git stash

  • haha. That’s funny chit right there!

    I shall be adding that alias. ;)