Testing Out Embedding Of JSFiddle

This is mostly just a test to see if I can get a JSFiddle embedded into my blog post.

The fiddle is a small backbone app that I’ve been playing with, to try out some different architectural ideas. It’s nothing really impressive from a functional perspective.

I think the code is quite nice, though. I’m especially fond of the way I set up an AppView to control the transitions between views, when routing between the list, add and edit.

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  • The embedded JSFiddle works quite nicely. Its crazy what you can do these days

    • no doubt! i saw this over at brandon satrom’s blog earlier today and was blown away… immediately had to jump on this bandwagon.¬†

      this is going to make my backbone blog posts soooo much better – interactive demonstration in a blog post, FTW! :D

      • Yeah definately… I don’t like it for development but sharing code makes for a solid win. I will have to use it on my blog as well.

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  • Marcus Swope

    Doesn’t show up in Google Reader, but I don’t know that you could really expect it to…

    • hmm… ya… it’s an so i guess i’m not surprised. i should probably put a link to the fiddle in posts that have one, so people using a reader can still go see it. thanks for the note marcus!

      • Na

        Works on dolphin browser on my droid! Nice!

  • JSFiddle embedding FTW!

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