Jasmine-BDD: A Screencast On The Standalone Test Runner

My 2nd screencast at WatchMeCode.net is now online, and is free!

WatchMeCode Episode 2: The Jasmine Standalone Runner

In this episode, I cover the basics of JavaScript testing with the Jasmine-BDD test framework, showing how to install and use the standalone version.

What you’ll see:
  • Download Jasmine
  • Jasmine’s folder structure
  • PlayerSpec.js
  • The guts of a test
  • Custom Jasmine matchers
  • Writing our own spec
  • Running our spec
What you’ll get in the download:
  • Code from the episode
  • 17 minutes of content
  • iOS optimized, 720p video
  • Chapter markers

I’m not covering the real deep details on “why Jasmine”, “why write tests” or anything like that in this episode. I’m going to be working on a more in-depth screencast and/or series to cover more of these topics soon, though.

I hope you enjoy the video and learn a little bit about the Jasmine testing framework.

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