WatchMeCode: Using LiveReload In Web Development

From all of the screencasts that I’ve produced at WatchMeCode so far, the number one question that I get is:

What tool do you use to refresh your browser when you change a file in your editor?

It’s LiveReload, and I’ve put together a 10 minute introduction that shows how to get up and running with the GUI application and the Guard plugin, how to use it to compile your assets such as SASS or CoffeeScript, and more.

Personally, I can’t live without this tool anymore. It takes the “refresh” button out of my development effort and greatly simplifies my workflow.

Be sure to checkout my other screencasts (paid and free) at as well.

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  • Great Tool Thanks for Sharing.

  • Anonymous

    For cheapskates:

    a js lib: 
    a SignalR implementation

    (credit due to Andrew Davey for the last two)