Help Me Improve The Marionette Wiki

Documentation is difficult to write, and even more difficult to write well so that it covers all of the nuances and details that the people building the actual project tend to assume and forget. My Marionette project is no different. I continue to receive feedback that it’s hard to know what each piece is really best suited for, questions on which View type is best suited for a scenario, and general inquiries for examples on how to implement specific behaviors and features.

And I need your help to answer these questions and improve the documentation and wiki.

The Marionette Wiki

In addition to the technical documentation in the project’s readme, I’ve started up the wiki on the github project page. I’ve begun with two simple pages: an overview on the different view types, and page to let Marionette users show of their projects and websites that are using it.

Help me and the rest of the community of Marionette users improve the documentation for this project by providing examples, best practices, answers to frequently asked questions, and more.

Head over to the wiki and start helping!

Topics To Cover

Example topics that should be covered in the wiki:

  • Using Marionette with RequireJS
  • Using JST templates with Marionette views
  • Using Handlebars templates with Marionette views
  • Using jQuery plugins and visual controls with Marionette
  • and much, much more

I realize that some of these are items that I’ve blogged about here. One of my hopes and goals is to have many of the Marionette blog posts from this blog, copied in to the Wiki in a manner that makes sense for the wiki. I will try to do some of this myself, but it would also be wonderfully helpful if other members of the Marionette community could assist in doing this.

I Need Your Help. Yes. YOU.

I know I’m asking a lot – but I believe the community of Marionette users is up to it. It only takes a few minutes of time to improve one page or create a new one with some very basic information. Then another person can come along and make another improvement. Then another, and another.

Lastly: don’t think “oh, someone else will do it”. They won’t. Believe me. The distribution of responsibility is the single largest reason that people won’t take responsibility or put effort in to something. Everyone assumes that someone else will do it, and no one actually does it.

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