Backbone Fundamentals, Intro To Marionette, TodoMVC, And More

I’m very happy to announce that this week’s addition to Addy Osmani’s Backbone Fundamentals book is a chapter on Marionette!

I was lucky enough to be able to contribute a large portion of the chapter to the book, including a brief introduction to some of the benefits that Marionette provides for Backbone applications. There’s a discussion on the Marionette version of the TodoMVC application, the architecture that I used based on Marionette, and some links to additional implementations that use Marionette without any modules, and with RequireJS.

Here’s a couple of paragraphs from the intro section of this chapter:

As we’ve seen, Backbone provides a great set of building blocks for our JavaScript applications. It gives us the core constructs that are needed to build small to mid-sized apps, organize jQuery DOM events, or create single page apps that support mobile devices and large scale enterprise needs. But Backbone is not a complete framework. It’s a set of building blocks that leaves much of the application design, architecture and scalability to the developer, including memory management, view management and more.

Backbone.Marionette (or just “Marionette”) provides many of the features that the non-trivial application developer needs, above what Backbone itself provides. It is a composite application library that aims to simplify the construction of large scale applications. It does this by providing a collection of common design and implementation patterns found in the applications that the creator, Derick Bailey, and many other contributors have been using to build Backbone apps.

Other Marionette Happenings

In addition to the chapter in this book, there are a number of other things happening with Marionette. I finally have a couple of other core contributors that are helping to run things, and keeping things moving. There’s a new website in the works, a logo in the works, an IRC channel and a twitter account.

Core Contributors: Jarrod Overson and Tony Abou-Assaleh


Twitter: @marionettejs

Freenode IRC: #marionette

Github organization:

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