Interview With Upfront Podcast: Backbone And Marionette

I was fortunate enough to be the first guest on the Upfront Podcast this week. It’s a new podcast hosted by Jack Franklin and Ben Howdle, focused on all things front-end web development. You’re going to want to add this podcast to your subscriptions, as they have a lot of great content lined up for us web devs.

For my part, the interview covered some of Backbone, some of it’s philosophy, and my MarionetteJS project that provides infrastructure for scaling Backbone apps.

From the Upfront Podcast episode 2 page:

In Episode 2 of Upfront Podcast we chat with JavaScript and Backbone expert Derick Bailey about the merits of using Backbone for JavaScript applications. We also chat about Marionette, Derick’s own set of tools that provide a lot of the boilerplate code typically associated with Backbone.

It’s a pretty JavaScript-heavy podcast in which we discuss the use cases in which Backbone is a good fit, when perhaps it’s not, and good resources to get you started.

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