New MvcContrib build released on CodePlex – Build Beta

I just released the latest build in binary and source code format on CodePlex.

The following items are changes from the previous release:

  • Added support for InputImage in FormHelper (new methods FormHelper.ImageButton())
  • Added Password Tag
  • Added support for Password tag in FormHelper (new methods FormHelper.PasswordField())
  • Updated test to maintain 100% on form helper and UI
  • Changed TextArea to use a full Close tag when value is empty instead of a XML tag close (“/>”).
  • Fixed UI.Html/FormHelperTester.cs tests to anticipate new results.
  • Patch #882 – tehlike ReturnBinder implementation ported from MonoRail. / Modified tests slightly to reach 100% coverage.
  • Patch #864 – Woil This patch cleans up some of the namespaces from the older MvcTestFramework to the new MvcContrib.TestHelper namespace.
  • Added comments to all of the TestHelper classes which should make them easier to use. Applied with minor modification –
  • Sample test project referenced the Debug directory of MvcContrib.TestHelper, which caused CommitterBuild to fail. Changed to use $(Configuration) instead.
  • Made methods on FormHelper virtual. Fixed the namespace for the ObjectFactoryDependencyResolver, SpringDependencyResolver and StructureMapDependencyResolver – they were under the UnitTests namespace.

You can download the release here:

The documentation for the features in the MvcContrib project are located here:

If you have some cool feature that adds to the MVC framework then contribute and share with the community! Here are details on how to contribute.

About Eric Hexter

I am the CTO for QuarterSpot. I (co)Founded MvcContrib, Should, Solution Factory, and Pstrami open source projects. I have co-authored MVC 2 in Action, MVC3 in Action, and MVC 4 in Action. I co-founded online events like mvcConf, aspConf, and Community for MVC. I am also a Microsoft MVP in ASP.Net.
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