New MvcContrib build released on CodePlex – Build Beta

I just released the latest build in binary and source code format on CodePlex.

What’s new in this release?
The following items are changes from the previous release:

Revision: 275
– corrected some warnings/errors.
– added ViewDataExtensions. This brings the functionality of the smartbag to ViewData.
– now, we have easy adding and getting to and from ViewData. No more casting, and if you only put a single “Customer” in Viewdata using new Add() method, you just have to Get(), and that’s it. **Revision: 272** Patch 1018 By:alley Added support for Unity as IoC container. **Revision: 270** Replaced all remaining occurrences of the MVCContrib namespace with MvcContrib. **Rev 267** – the ability to use TestControllerBuilder with controllers that have constructor arguments – associated unit test

You can download the release here:

The documentation for the features in the MvcContrib project are located here:

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