If you are developing on Asp.Net MVC and your are not using MvcContrib….. What is wrong with you?


I just went through some stats from the MvcContrib project and I saw that we have had over 26k downloads.  That makes me so happy to know that it is being used and it is filling a gap that is in the Asp.Net MVC framework.  One of the goals of the MVC framework is to be extensible so that the community and developers could add the pieces that they need in a way that was easy.  Compare this to the Asp.Net webforms.  There were a limited number of ways to extend the framework and even than it could be very difficult. 


Here is a chart that shows how the project has been used over the last year and a half.  I am really excited to see that it has taken hold and it has delivered value.

If you use MvcContrib, I want to say thank you.  If you have developed something useful for the MVC Framework that others could use,… Please submit it to the project. 

If you have been trying out the Asp.Net MVC framework and have not tried out MvcContrib…. well you need to go here and see what you are missing.

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