My Alt.Net Topics / proposals. I need a proxy for tonight?


Here are my proposals  for sessions, since I will not arrive until later tonight I am putting these up so that I can have a proxy submit them….

  1. Scaffolding / Micro-Code generation.  Fixing the “File – New File” problem/ friction in Visual Studio.  I would be willing to show /demo Flywheel

  2. Sharing / Promoting working application and solution stacks.  Fixing the “File – New Project“ problem.  Tree surgeon did a great start but I want to promote a better way of getting new solutions started. What do you use to bring working application stacks to teams who have not worked this way before?  Think about how we could distribute a sample or solution template for #Arch or FubuMVC or insert your favorite combination of frameworks and tools that deliver frictionless development that support Great software development practices. I would be willing to show/demo Solution Factory

  3. I need a common assertion abstraction, don’t you?  Testing DSL are killing me with their implementations around specific testing frameworks.

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