Big Props to the Codeplex team!


A month back I was on a mission to get a feature included in Codeplex that would allow my projects to better support the companies which fund my projects.  I reached out to the community to help vote this feature up from somewhere in the lower 400s to the number one (1) position.  The Codeplex team implemented the feature and pushed it live in the matter of weeks.  I talked with one of the team members at Teched and they told me the feature would have made it up a week earlier but there was an across the board focus from the company to test out their latest product.

  I was so glad to have such an awesome response from the team.. I have hosted Open Source projects on Codeplex , Google Code and Source Forge and I must say I have never had this type of interaction with Google Code or Source Forge.  While I dislike the source control system  with Codeplex, I have to say that to have a team that is that focused and transparent is just awesome.  So… huge props to Codeplex.  Having a team that is willing actually listen to the users is a huge reason to consider codeplex for your open source projects.

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