Video of the David Ebbo presenting T4MVC to the Community For MVC virtual user group


David Ebbo presented to the Community For MVC group today.  The topic T4MVC which is a project that David developed as a way to eliminate the magic string in Views and Controllers in the ASP.Net MVC framework.  David walks through a sample of adding his code generator code to the Nerd Dinner application and walks through removing the magic strings and replacing them with strongly typed replacements.  I like his approach because it solves a pain that I have when using a Lamda based approach to eliminating the strings in views.


David does a great job walking through what the problem is and than goes through each of these and shows how his approach solves this problem. The meeting was held in Live meeting and we are experimenting with this as a way to let developers interested in advanced topics get a chance to hear new approaches and ask questions live.  The video missed the first minute or two of the presentation and we had some technical difficulty near the end so I edited the video to keep the video clean.  enjoy!


If you are interested in the Asp.Net MVC framework I encourage you to check out Community For MVC for future presentations. This group is focused on delivering advanced topics that help with developing solutions on the ASP.Net MVC framework.    There is a mailing list on the website and that is the best way to get notifications of upcoming meetings.

Community For MVC – Virtual Meeting – Wednesday 9/16/2009 12:00 – 1:00 PM CST ; T4MVC presented by David Ebbo