(free) Training videos from the last year.

As part of a technical retreat we are doing for our company ( Headspring) , I thought I would put some posts together and in the name of transparency put this stuff out for others to see, comment, criticize or applaud. I will leave it up to you, which of those you wish to do.


For the last year or so, Headspring has been giving free workshops in Austin.  We decided to start recording them using the Camtasia screen cast tool (if you want to know more about how we do it, leave a comment), as a way to get more life and reach from our workshops.  I have posted some links to the videos on my blog, after each event, but I wanted to point out that all of these videos plus videos from our people doing at user groups / code camps and such.

Here is a list of what is available.

  • ASP.NET MVC from an Architect’s Perspective – Jimmy Bogard
  • ASP.NET MVC in Action – Jeffrey Palermo
  • Refactoring Workshop – Mahendra Mavani
  • TDD-DI-Soc-ASP-MVC – Jeffrey Palermo
  • Tarantino Database Migrations – Eric Hexter & Jeffrey Palermo
  • Continuous Integration Workshop Part 1 – 3 Eric Hexter & Jeffrey Palermo

You can access all of the video’s here:


If you dig these and want more the best way to stay get notified is the RSS feed on the top of the video widget on that page.




Check out the videos, we see producing these as a way to help the community and ourselves.  It is a way for us to get our name Headspring out there.  It is a way for us to allow us to get feedback on our approaches. It allows us to help other developers who are not in Austin and may work for a company where there budget is so tight that they could not pay to go to training or get some people to come help them refine their development process.

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