A Call for Help – Vote for my Codeplex Issues

This is my second time of calling to the community to support some feature requests I have made for the CodePlex website.   The first time I did this, I got a great response. The community voted my issue up and the codeplex team promptly implemented the feature. It was a simple feature and the community clearly thought it had value.  I am making a call for help.


There are two issues that I feel will make the site more usable to projects like MvcContrib. One will allow me to configure the project site so that it is easier for new users to understand we host our code at Github rather than on codeplex.  The other is making the project site a place where I can add information that the contributors need.  This will help the project be sustainable over the long term, I need a place where I can put license keys and other information that the committers need to keep the project running. 


Vote for the Following Codeplex Features.  You will need to create an account on codeplex do this, by doing so you can make the project site more usable to the people who are getting started using new Open Source Project.


Please Vote for Both of these Features:

Update on using MSDeploy for remote deployments.