Offshore and Distributed Software Team Survey

There has been a lot of effort spent making software development teams work across multiple locations.  There are a number of models to how this can be setup. Offshore, Nearshore, dual-shore, and just distributed. Over the years there have been a number of pro and con blog posts about the benefits and costs of doing this type of work.  Some interesting posts and research I have found are here:


I work at a company where there is a large initiative to have distributed teams.  We have hundreds of people in four continents. What I find interesting is what the motivations for deciding when and how to distribute teams.  In a quest for some real world information, I decided to research this topic on my own.   I have created a survey and I am asking that anyone who has participated in a distributed team, please share your experience with your successes and failures.  If you feel like there are some other angles or questions that I should add to the survey. Please let me know and I will amend the survey.


Take the Offshore / Distributed software development survey


Once I get a good sample size collected I will make anonymous results available. I intend to keep this going and provide some updates year to year.

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