Lostechies.com traffic growth 2009 to 2012

I was looking at some pageviews on google analytics (GA) and and comparing my pageviews to the rest of the traffic on the site. This made me realize I could not pull the type of report I wanted from GA.  I wanted to compare the results of some searches against the urls on the site.  The cool thing is that since we use GA on the site, I was able to pull this data together even though we switched from Community Server to WordPress and the base portions of our urls changed.  I was able to find most people by their last name and then pull the numbers..

I pulled a report to summarize traffic by week and then looked at the top twenty five posts that by pageviews for the last 3 years, I then pulled individual reports for each of the bloggers that had a post in that top 25 list. The result is what I found below,  I had to compile all the data manually in excel, if it was easier I would have split up the Rest of the traffic into all the bloggers on Lostechies, but I just did not have the energy to keep clicking export in GA, and copy and paste in excel.  What is cool, is that you can see the large spikes in traffic from when specific posts were made internet famous, like the Solid Posters or Jimmy’s scrum post. I can also see how Dereck’s current focus on javascript is much more interesting to the internet then some of the other focus on agile or .net programing.


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