New Location, Same Old Garbage

For those on my RSS feed, I’ve switched blog homes on the web.  I switched the RSS feed in the background on you, so now that you are seeing this, you are fully switched over (there’s nothing to do on your part).

I did want to link back to the last group of posts I wrote though, just so the newer ones don’t get lost in the move.

Programming In the Weeds

Every Class Should Be a WCF Service


The Insanity and the Irony

Putting It All Together: Objects, Components, and Services

Screencast: Test-Driven Domain Model

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3 Responses to New Location, Same Old Garbage

  1. Dave says:

    Way cool! Joe, Jason, & co. are some of the best company around!

  2. Colin Jack says:

    Just read the post on DomainService.Equals(typeof(Component)), good post. I don’t think that you mean component to be the same as in “component software” though, but in the more general sense its often used in .NET?

  3. Luke says:

    Any idea when part 2 of the TDD screen cast will be? I really enjoyed part 1