Pardon the Construction Dust

Pardon the construction dust while I move in.  In the mean time, you can find my existing rants and ramblings at my *other* :-)


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4 Responses to Pardon the Construction Dust

  1. Welcome to the site Evan. I’m sure you’ll find everyone to be really nice at LosTechies.

    Joe mentioend you were from the south. where abouts? I’m in florida.

  2. Great talk last weekend, I think David really enjoyed it.

    Grats on the new diggs!

  3. jssingh says:

    Welcome Evan, we look forward to some great ones!

  4. Evan says:

    Nashville, TN..What part of FL are you in?

    He’s screwed now. Once you go R# TDD, there’s no going back.

    Thanks! Now if I can just get moved in…lol