And You Thought Your Deployments Were Tough

Did you know:

  • eBay deploys a new release every 2 weeks
  • They add roughly 100 KLOC per week to the codebase

That should be a little extra motivation to work on removing the waste and increasing the flow of getting your application out the door.  If they can do it with a 6 million line codebase, why can’t you on your codebase (which is likely trivial in comparison).

Source:  The eBay Architecture (circa Nov 2006)

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3 Responses to And You Thought Your Deployments Were Tough

  1. The company Im working for at the moment do ALOT of eBay stuff in the UK, I know exaclty what your talking about.

    It was beyond my imagination until i saw aspects of it myself – completely mental!

    Dave The Ninja

  2. shawn says:

    that 100kloc/week metric just screams out for a “that’s what you get when you use Java!” type response.

    but seriously, that is a staggering number.

  3. JH says:

    Got code review? *eep*