BUILD conference–day 0

I am here in Anaheim CA attending the Microsoft BUILD conference. During the next 4 days Microsoft will finally reveal details about the upcoming Windows 8. The sparse information that has been available so far left us developers and architects in doubt about the future strategy of Microsoft regarding software development.

Quite some years ago our company chose Silverlight as the platform for the user interface of our application suite. During all this time Microsoft has assured its clients that Silverlight is one of their strategic platforms. New releases of Silverlight have been publish in short intervals. Currently version 5 is available as release candidate. Silverlight was used exclusively on Windows phone 7 and was meant to be the ubiquitous platform on all future mobile devices produced and/or supported by Microsoft. As a side note: you might remember that Windows Mobile 6.5 is a dead end and is not developed an further.

A couple of month ago Microsoft publicly announced that Windows 8 will deeply integrate HTM5, Java Script and CSS into the platform. They also announced that HTML5 will be the main development platform on Windows and that Windows 8 will run everywhere, on servers, workstations, tablet devices , phones and embedded systems. No word about Silverlight though…

All our questions regarding the future of Silverlight were left unanswered.

Ok, today and during the coming days we will hopefully get some more insight into the future strategies of Microsoft. This will be interesting.

About Gabriel Schenker

Gabriel N. Schenker started his career as a physicist. Following his passion and interest in stars and the universe he chose to write his Ph.D. thesis in astrophysics. Soon after this he dedicated all his time to his second passion, writing and architecting software. Gabriel has since been working for over 25 years as a consultant, software architect, trainer, and mentor mainly on the .NET platform. He is currently working as senior software architect at Alien Vault in Austin, Texas. Gabriel is passionate about software development and tries to make the life of developers easier by providing guidelines and frameworks to reduce friction in the software development process. Gabriel is married and father of four children and during his spare time likes hiking in the mountains, cooking and reading.
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  • phil jay

    Can’t wait! But to be honest, there have been a lot of leaks proving that there is deep integration with Silverlight…

  • Nolan Egly

    Just remember, the company paid for your trip, that tablet belongs to the company for testing ;)

  • C Granwehr

    Hello Gabriel. hast du was zur Zukunft von Silverlight gehört? Hier in der Schweiz pfeiifen die Spatzen von den Dächern, dass man die Finger davon lassen soll. Gruss an die Familie