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Readers would be pleased to know that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing and we are organizing a Giveaway especially for you and three lucky winners stand a chance to win a copy of Keep reading to find out how you can be one of the Lucky Winner.

Overview of Nhibernate 3 Beginner’s Guide


· Clear, precise step-by-step directions to get you up and running quickly

· Test, profile, and monitor data access to tune the performance and make your applications fly

· Reduce hours of application development time and get better application architecture and performance

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How to Enter?

All you need to do is head on over to the book page and look through the product description of this book and drop a line via the comments below to let us know what interests you the most about this book. It’s that simple

Product description for NHibernate book:

Winners from the U.S. and Europe can either choose a physical copy of the book or the eBook. Users from other locales are limited to the eBook only.


The contest will close on 30/12/11 PT. Winners will be contacted by email, so be sure to use your real email address when you comment!

About Gabriel Schenker

Gabriel N. Schenker started his career as a physicist. Following his passion and interest in stars and the universe he chose to write his Ph.D. thesis in astrophysics. Soon after this he dedicated all his time to his second passion, writing and architecting software. Gabriel has since been working for over 25 years as a consultant, software architect, trainer, and mentor mainly on the .NET platform. He is currently working as senior software architect at Alien Vault in Austin, Texas. Gabriel is passionate about software development and tries to make the life of developers easier by providing guidelines and frameworks to reduce friction in the software development process. Gabriel is married and father of four children and during his spare time likes hiking in the mountains, cooking and reading.
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  • Anonymous

    I was at a company that was using Entity Framework, and now I’ve started a new job somewhere that is actually in the process of switching from Entity Framework to NHibernate 3. What I really need is a way to get up and running quickly, which is exactly what this book is about. The fact that there is a whole chapter in there related to testing, profiling, monitoring and logging (chapter 7) makes me feel that this is a complete book for learning real-world uses of NHibernate, and not just a quick overview that leaves out important details.

    It sounds like just the book I am looking for.

  • Chris Glass

    I am currently using NHibernate at my company and could always to learn  little more.   I am particularly interested in the chapters on sessions & transactions, profiling, queries and common pitfalls to avoid.  I think this book would help me understand how to best use NHibernate and some best practices.

  • Charlie Sanborn

    I am excited to learn more about unit testing and integration testing the data access layer. Nhibernate has been part of our stack for years, and that is something I have struggled with.

  • Tom

    For me most important thing is to know how to configure system for use
    of NHibernate in a clear and concise way. Also methods for avoiding
    common pitfalls are very interesting.

  • I’ve used NHibernate 2 before, but that’s been some time ago. I look forward to learning about NH3, especially in combination with LINQ, and refreshing my NH knowledge in general.

  • Kevin Radcliffe

    In apps I’ve seen + written, data access code usually ends up getting pretty poor (or no) test coverage. Other aspects of the system are generally easier to isolate and test. I am particularly interested in learning the techniques used in the section on integration and unit testing of the data access layer.
    Looks like a great book!

  • I’m most interested in the building blocks to setting up a solid development process for projects using NHibernate.  Seeing what the pitfalls are and some good step-by-step examples on how to get things going is super important for new team members who are drinking from the firehose.

  • Beyti77

    I’m new to nhibernate, so it will be great to start in a more solid and with adviced by experienced way. Like the creating the environment topic as an example.

  • 80s Rocker

    Since I an new to Nhibernate, like the fact that this book has clear, concise, step-by-step instructions. I learn the best by doing.

  • Nathan H.

    I’m looking forward to finally figuring out what all the fuss is about.

  • Sean Feldman

    To learn from common pitfalls.

  • Scott Littlewood

    Looking forward to seeing the common pitfalls

  • Brad Crandell

    This book would be a great way for the members of my team who are not experienced with NHibernate to catch their skills up to what we need to be productive as a team.  I am especially eager to see the chapters on common pitfalls and on profiling and monitoring NHibernate.  This looks like a great book on NHibernate.

  • Rene Rendon Jr.

    I’m interested in the data validation techniques and unit testing aspects of the book but also in learning more about the latest NHibernate library.

  • Anonymous

    I am interested in learning how to use a ORM like NHibernate in my projects because up to this point I have been doing my database to object plumbing by hand. I have known for  long time there is a better way but have not found the right resource to help me down the path.

  • Brad

    The last few months, I have been reading a great deal online about NHibernate as I climb the learning-curve hill.  Gabriel Schenker writings are among the very best resources I continue to turn to for help in understanding how to get NHibernate to do what I want.  An entire book with his clear and concise explainations on “How to” with NHibernate 3.0 is very timely given my current job assignment.

    I’m most interested in learning more about the NHibernate LINQ Provider and how I can more effectively test my domain models alongside the NHibernate mappings.

  • I bought this book the moment it came out. Bar none the best NH book to date. Had to get a copy for the office at work after I got one for myself. :)

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  • fab

    I’m new to NH so I hope this book can introduce me in this new world

  • When I moved out Ent lib madness for long time, I don’t know which one to pick (EF/ nH).. but based on popularity I chose nH..but was not disappointed even though had a intial time in understanding bit on entity way of handling data. Now I’m looking 1) defining relations 2) managing trans 3) map file generation 4) Sp interaction etc are something need to explore every time.. better I have it handy..  

  • Kvetinac

    What interests me mosts is its focus on efficiency and its orientation on beginners.

  • Jim Sowers

    I would like to know more about creating the database right from my domain model with nhibernate. I have a little experience with it but would like to become proficient enough to bring it to work daily.

  • Samy

    I’ve been using NHibernate as a
    dilettante for some time now, either by skimming the internet for
    information (SO, this blog and others) but i never sat down with a book
    on the subject to really delve in. I’ve only watched 3.0 from a
    distance, not really taking time to see what’s new but i’d like to read
    this book to have a solid base from which i could expand.

    For example i’ve always relied on this post
    ( to
    integrate rough tuning to my applications. I’m curious to see what the
    book covers on this subject and what new options may be available in

  • Helbert Miranda

    Starting work with NHibernate i interested in learn techniques to use in my projects.

  • The only .NET ORM I have used so far is Entitiy Framework. As I heard a lot of good things about NHibernate I’d like to give it a try for several smaller projects. But I’d like to learn it the right way. By that I mean not only setting up the whole thing, but also testing, profiling and logging. I’m also curious about the use of LINQ in NHibernate..

  • Ronsher

    What I like most about this book is that it shows how to do unit tests and integration tests while using nhibernate.