Workshop about Event Sourcing

In my last two posts (here and here) I am talking about Event Sourcing.

Now I am very pleased to announce that on Saturday June 20th I will be leading a free workshop about Event Sourcing. Yes, the workshop is absolutely free and snacks and lunch will be provided at no cost. The workshop will be held in the same building where my company‘s office is located here in Austin TX. But if you don’t live in or near Austin, don’t worry we got you covered. We will provide a zoom meeting where you can join us. Please head over to Meetup to register and please spread this message. More details about this series of workshops and the format can be found here.

Our plan is to have the participants work in small groups of 2 to 4 people on a given problem. The goal is to have you be active most of the time, thus this is NOT a presentation. After a quick introduction into the topic I and some of my coworkers will simply be around to assist and guide you in your team work whenever you have questions.

The last two workshops on CQRS and DDD have been a huge success. We are looking forward to meet a lot of the participants again and hopefully also welcome a lot of new people.

Based on our experience from previous workshops about CQRS and DDD in April and May I want to slightly change the way how the workshop will happen. We will present a sample business problem for which a solution has to be designed . The exercise will be presented in a way that the participants can easy follow a red line without getting lost and at the same time concentrate on the core topic of the workshop which is Event Sourcing.

We will be using Visual Studio and C# to implement a solution and use GetEventStore as our store for the events as well as MongoDB and Elastic Search for our read models.


Event Sourcing applied – the Aggregate