Pablo’s Topic of the Month – May 2009 Edition

Have you ever read a blog post about TDD, Dependency Injection, or some other concept and thought, “Sounds great . . . if you work in an ivory tower, but I have to work with [insert your code-base here].”?  Or maybe you really like the idea but you have no clue how to start without beginning the project over?  If you answered yes then Pablo is going to make you smile because this month’s topic is Refactoring ‘Brownfield’ Projects.  Wikipedia has a fairly complete definition of Brownfield ( but for our purposes you can consider any project that must use or take into consideration ‘legacy’ code a Brownfield project.  What is ‘legacy’ code?  Again, for Pablo this means any code that isn’t under test – including that lovely bit of code I just wrote . . . hmmm, I can’t wait to see what Pablo has this month.

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