Joining Los Techies!

I’ve had a busy past couple of weeks – I’ve started a new job, packed and prepared to finalize the sale of my house – and now, I’m joining Los Techies!

My name is Hugo Bonacci – I work for Xamarin as a designer/developer and in my spare time I write code or work on geek projects with my kids.

It’s hard to sum up the sorts of topics you’ll see out of me but I’ll probably be mostly focused on UI and client facing interactions with web development. You’ll see a lot of JavaScript and ASP.NET MVC (maybe a hint of Ruby from time to time until I have something worth sharing :))

I’m not particularly opinionated so I won’t be posting much about the right or wrong way to do things – just interesting tips and tricks that might help as you’re creating web sites.

My personal site can be found at where you can look at some of my projects and other blog posts. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to blogging here and I’ll have more soon!