Sorting Spaces In Lion

I’ve made quite a few changes to how I work over the years, specifically my monitor count. I’ve tried varieties of one, two and even three monitors. But interestingly, for me, one large monitor seems perfect… well, almost…

Obviously, you can only fit so much on a single screen before you end up with a noisy mess of windows and documents.

This is one of the reasons why I like Spaces so much and they work even better(ish) in the most recent version of OSX Lion.

What I’ve done is set a unique background to a desktop and then assigned related apps so that they stay with the view. This makes it easy to keep my desktop organized without needing multiple monitors.

Some apps I don’t assign to a specific desktop (browsers). In some cases it might make sense to assign them to all desktops so they are easier to access (for example, Finder).

The Wallpapers

Feel free to use the wallpapers and if you can think of one that is missing, let me know (Include the text and a link to the icon use). Obviously, you can use any apps for the backgrounds but below are some suggestions.

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  • Robert

    Note how full-screen apps (new in Lion) works in command center (nee spaces). When in full screen mode, the app acts like it’s own space. The space it is running in appears separately in command center view. Can’t wait for BBEdit to go full screen!

  • CD Smith

    I’d like to see one with either Database or SQL, some sort of back end db name

  • all the image links are dead :-(