Fluent NHibernate 1.0RC

It’s nearly here, at long last Fluent NHibernate has nearly reached 1.0. Now starts the official public testing of our 1.0RC.

You can read the release notes on the wiki for more information on what’s changed. There have been a lot of small breaking changes in the fluent interface, mostly reducing it’s verbosity, and a few larger changes elsewhere. Don’t expect to download this and have it just work, because it won’t; hopefully it shouldn’t be too painful though.

My plan is that this is a very quick turnaround for a release candidate. It’s already undergone some heavy testing from some respected volunteers, but I wanted to get it into the public eye for a week or so before release. Ideally the RTM release won’t differ from this one at all, but we’ll see.

You can find the binaries on our downloads page, and it’s now included in the binary build releases too.

Any questions should be directed to the mailing-list, and issues onto our issue list.

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