Disable annoying computer beep

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My work laptop would emit loud beeps occasionally when I hit the wrong button, performed an invalid action, or maybe just looked at it funny.  No volume controls could disable the beep, as it came from an internal speaker.  The beep is very loud and quite disturbing, and prompts many dirty looks from co-workers.  After some web sleuthing, I found a couple of commands that would stop and permanently disable the computer beep:

net stop beep

sc config beep start= disabled

Enter these two commands exactly into a command prompt.  Don’t forget the space after the “=”, it won’t work without it.

The first command will stop the BEEP service, which is the Windows service responsible for constantly annoying me.  The second command disables the service completely, and will prevent it from starting up the next time you turn on your computer.  Now you can live happily beep-free, and your co-workers will thank you for it.

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