If you can’t wait for Team Build 2008…

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I just heard of a new project on CodePlex, TfsBuildLab.  It looks like it performs a lot of the build features Orcas will provide, and it lets you do it with Team Build 2005:

  • Continuous integration builds
  • Scheduled builds
  • Build queuing
  • Build cleanup/retention policies
  • Event notifications

The TfsBuildLab project is broken into 4 separate components:

  • Database
  • Houses the scheduling and queuing data

  • Service
  • Queues builds
  • Executes manual builds
  • Executes scheduled builds

  • Admin client
  • Configures build schedules, etc.

  • Notification client
  • Notifies clients of build status, similar to CCTray

Builds are still executed by Team Build, but TfsBuildLab puts a layer on top of Team Build to provide the extra functionality.  This looks like a nice interim solution until Team Build 2008 releases early next year.

Can your dev team handle Agile/iterative development?