Subscribing to your Google Calendar in Outlook 2007

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I’ve been in love with Google Calendar for a long time now.  I have several calendars I’m viewing at the same time, including my personal calendar, UT football schedule, and a few others.  I always hated having to view two calendars at work, one for my work schedule and one for my Google calendars.

Scott Hanselman mentioned that he views multiple external calendars inside Outlook 2007.  Several of the external calendars are Google calendars.  Outlook 2007 supports any ICAL source, which most online calendar applications provide.  It’s easy to set up, and the instructions can be found here:

Subscribe to your Google Calendar 

Making your Outlook calendar show up in Google calendar is a bit more tricky, and I haven’t found anything that does actual synchronization and not just import/export.

Now I have all of my calendars in one convenient location, with each calendar color coded from their source.  However, I found I have to think of more creative excuses on why I forget things my wife’s calendar…

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