Time is running out

I popped open Windows Live Writer today and got a fun message:

I thought this product was free, and I never paid for anything, so I’m a little confused how a free product can expire.  Live Writer isn’t supported on Server 2003, which is what I use, so I have to jump through 80 or so hoops to get Live Writer installed on Server 2003.  Everything works perfectly fine, but now it seems I will be compelled to jump through the same hoops to upgrade to a version I don’t need.  Fun times.

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  • LOL, yep. Same issue here. I run Win2003 as a workstation because multi-website development is just a lot easier. So when WLW final came out I tried to install it with no luck. So I reverted back to the last Beta which works just fine on Win2003. Looks like we’re getting shoved around… :(

  • It’s a common practice to put an expiration date on Beta software. Microsoft does it as well as other software companies.

    Incidentally, Windows Live Writer went live a week or so go — and it’s still free. You should uninstall the Beta and get the the live version.

  • @Edward

    As Joey pointed out, the WLW installer doesn’t run on Win2003. To get this last beta installed, I had to install it on an XP machine, find the extracted MSI in some temp folder, then run that MSI on my Win2003 machine. Running the EXE gets blocked, but running the MSI does not, but it’s just a big pain.

    What’s strange is that the first beta installed just fine on my Win2003 machine. Subsequent betas were blocked. All of them ran just fine, and I suspect it’s because of the bundling of Live software that the installer supports the lowest common denominator.

    Expiring beta software may be common, but I don’t think it is for this class of applications. Usually it’s with larger, not free apps like OS’s and VS.

  • @Edward

    This is the first time I have ever seen anyone put an “expiration” on beta software. More often than not you see a “Not Supported” message which simply means that once the date passes, the version you are running will no longer be supported.

    If you ask me this is pretty backwards. I mean, what does MS care that you have beta software running on your machine? If you want the new version you can go download it.

    The thing that irks me here is the fact that they MAKE you go download it. Which clearly in this instance is causing some people some headaches.

    Sometimes I just really don’t understand the thinking at MS. oh well

    sorry to hear about your troubles guys/