SVN and proxy servers

So I wanted to check out Jeffrey’s sample code he demonstrates in the latest dnrTV episode.  I get a fun message back from SVN, which is completely meaningless to me:

It turns out that although SVN works through port 80, the proxy server I’m behind filters HTTP headers, one of which is PROPFIND.  Google tells me that I can configure SVN to use a proxy server, which is what I need to do with several applications (including Live Writer).  Although I have to hard-code my password into the configuration file, it fixes the problem:

I have to change the configuration file every few months when my password expires, but otherwise I’m good.

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  • I have also received this error when the svn server reqires an ssl connection

  • Curious, why don’t you use TortoiseSVN?

  • @Joe

    I do, but screenshots of TortoiseSVN usually include Windows Asplorer, which I didn’t really want to share :)