See you at Austin Code Camp!

This week I’ll be speaking at Austin Code Camp, a technical conference here in Austin that features in-depth code-centric sessions.  The sessions I’m doing are:

  • Intro to C# 3.0 – covering practical and pragmatic applications of the new features of C#
  • Mocks and Stubs – a look at mocking and other test doubles, with and without Rhino Mocks
  • From Minefield to Greenfield: Taming the Legacy Code Beast

The last one is my favorite topic.  I’ll present an overview of Feathers’ Legacy Code book, and dive into some actual legacy code problems I’ve encountered over the years.  All of my topics show practices and techniques that I use nearly every day, so you won’t see any dragging and dropping.  I’m planning on some raffles and giveaways, though the prizes consist mostly of junk mail and old catalogs.

The cost is free (as in beer) for the code camp, and the free cost includes lunch and a t-shirt (I think).  See you Saturday!

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