Adios, Netflix profiles

It was a good run.  But it looks like your creators are giving you the axe, judging by the email I received today:

We wanted to let you know we will be eliminating Profiles, the feature that allowed you to set up separate DVD Queues under one account, effective September 1, 2008.

Each additional Profile Queue will be unavailable after September 1, 2008. Before then, we recommend you consolidate any of your Profile Queues to your main account Queue or print them out.

While it may be disappointing to see Profiles go away, this change will help us continue to improve the Netflix website for all our customers.

My wife and I enjoyed you while it lasted, as it let us manage separate queues in one account.  My wife had here movies, and I had my (better) movies.  Although I’ll get fewer Paltrow and Hugh Grant movies, we’ll see a definite increase in Stallone and Bruce Willis movies.  So, not a total loss.

I do appreciate the complete lack of any semblance of an explanation to your untimely demise.  But, these unnamed improvements surely must be worth the sacrifice, right?

So adios Netflix profiles, we hardly knew ye.

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  • Chris Brown

    My assumption is this is a marketing move to stop “account sharing” where 2 people set up a queue and share the account.

  • There wasn’t any sharing in my house. Somehow her profile would always get set to 3 at a time and mine to 0. Of course that means there won’t really be any change for me other then the illusion that I can occasionally get something that I want.

  • @Chris

    Well that’s just plain wrong…they could have allowed only one address at least.

  • Phillip

    The separate Queue’s were the reason my wife and I switched back from Blockbuster. While it was nice with BB to get movies at the store, we liked having the ability to keep out own lists. Merging them together was a pain in the rear on BB. Netflix was so much nicer in that area. Now w/o it, why not take the option with the extra benefit.

  • @Philip

    Because it eliminated a major problem: overload of chick flicks. That and an unhealthy fascination with Brendan Fraser.