Hail to the king, baby!

Looks like StructureMap 2.5 dropped this weekend.  Which is nice, as we’ve been running off of the trunk for around six months.

On a side note, I never really *openly* mocked the release as the Duke Nukem Forever release, just some friendly banter on the Twitter, some local lunches, maybe at a conference or two.

Even if you’re not into IoC Containers or specifically Structure Map, I’d also highly suggest taking a look at the ObjectFactory.Initialize call and its options.  It’s a great case study on Internal DSLs, aka Fluent Interfaces.  It uses quite a few techniques that show up on Fowler’s WIP DSL book site, including Expression Builder, Method Chaining, Nested Function/Nested Closure, and Parse Tree Manipulation.  Structure Map wins out over most, if not all other .NET IoC Containers, simply by ease of configuration.  You’re not forced to create named instances, and you’re not forced to register every component explicitly.

Let’s rock.

Where are the DDD sample applications?