AutoMapper 0.2 released

With quite a few community patches submitted, I dropped AutoMapper version 0.2 today.  Here’s the release notes:


  • Better mapping exceptions that capture current mapping context
  • Custom instantiation expressions for value formatters
  • Custom instantiation expressions for value resolvers
  • Support for nullable types
  • Support for better subclass resolution
  • Custom member resolution can be any lambda expression
  • Mapping enumerations by name/value
  • Support for nullable enumerations
  • Support for filling an existing object, instead of AutoMapper creating the destination object itself
  • Support for enumerable target types, including:
    • IEnumerable
    • IEnumerable
    • ICollection
    • ICollection
    • IList
    • IList
    • List


  • Destination properties with no setters are now ignored
  • Assembly is now strong-named

Naturally there is no documentation for any of this yet, but you can find full examples of all of these features in the source code’s unit tests.  You can find the release over at the CodePlex site.

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