Podcast on AutoMapper live

A couple of weeks ago, Craig at Polymorphic Podcast was kind, and patient enough to listen to me ramble for about an hour or so on AutoMapper.  We talked about quite a few topics concerning object-to-object mapping and AutoMapper, including:

  • What is AutoMapper
  • What brought about its creation
  • Where is it best used
  • Some examples of some of the major features
    • Flattening
    • Projection
    • Configuration validation
    • Nested mappings
    • Custom value resolvers
    • Custom value formatters
    • Null substitution
  • How it works
  • Performance implications
  • What’s in store in future versions

Also, Eric Polerecky recorded a DimeCast on AutoMapper, showing use going from EF to WCF contracts, and is a nice, quick introduction and example on a real-world usage of automated object-to-object mapping.

As always, if you have any questions on the tool, or you couldn’t understand what I was saying between all of the “uh” and “um”, post something up on the AutoMapper mailing list.

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