Congrats to the Los Techies MVPs!

This morning, I and fellow Los Techies alumni Eric Hexter and Chris Patterson learned that we are MVPs!  Well, technically I learned last night through an IM of a re-tweet of my MVP lead, but hey, close enough, right?  I know it’s cheesy, but I think these awards are a testament to the great community Los Techies has built over the years, so for me, this is really an award for Los Techies.  The roundup includes:

  • Jimmy Bogard, MVP ASP.NET
  • Eric Hexter, MVP ASP.NET
  • Chris Patterson, MVP C#

Personally, I’ve viewed my community involvement as simply a desire to share my journey with others, and in turn learn where others have been and are going.  My favorite experiences thus far have been the open space conferences, book clubs, dojos and code camps, as it gives me a great chance to meet and talk with a lot of smart people.  Thanks again everyone!

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