Thanks Arkansas!

This week I made the drive from Austin to Fort Smith and Springdale, Arkansas to speak at the Fort Smith DNUG and the Northwest Arkansas DNUG on UI testing ASP.NET MVC.  Although I showed tools such as WatiN and Gallio, I focused more on design for UI testability, and covered items such as:

  • Site navigation
  • Filling out forms
  • Verifying results

We stepped through a working, but horribly fragile UI test, and walked through how we can put in a few design techniques to share knowledge between view design and the UI test.  Hopefully, my message of “ban test recorders” gets through to someone, as the UI test recorder is something that threw me off for years on creating maintainable UI tests.

You can find the slides and code here:

Testing the last mile in ASP.NET MVC

Thanks to all the guys in Arkansas for the great conversations, and I hope to see everyone soon!  One parting shot from a trip to Devil’s Den:


My jeans were soaked up to my knees from that hike…

An AutoMapper success story