C4MVC meeting on UI testing

Today I’m showing giving a talk on UI testing MVC applications for the Community for MVC.Net folks.  Those that went to my presentations in Arkansas and Houston have seen this talk already, so they’re off the hook on this one.  I’ll be covering ways to create UI tests that don’t break when a butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, and how we can design our MVC applications for UI testability.

The presentation is done via LiveMeeting, (http://Meeting.c4mvc.net), so make sure you’ve hit that link before the start time, which is 12:00 PM CST today.  For more details, check out the C4MVC site:


In the WebForms world, it was quite difficult to create maintainable UI tests.  But in ASP.NET MVC, we have far more control over the HTML generated, allowing us to design our UI for testability.  It should be a good discussion, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone there!

How not to implement a failing test