AutoMapper 1.1 released

Today I pushed out the 1.1 release of AutoMapper.  From the release notes:


  • Adding support for Silverlight 3.0
  • Auto-implementing INotifyPropertyChanged
  • Conditional member mapping
  • Destination member prefixes, postfixes and naming transformers


  • Nullable destination types more obvious
  • Late binding configuration
  • More members made public
  • Support generic ICollection
  • Enums match on value or name


  • Formatting null values
  • Undefined enum values not getting mapped
  • Configuration validation around missing members
  • Profile resolution
  • ForAllMembers skipped missing members
  • Interface mapping overwritten
  • Inheritance chain now evaluated by default

Head over to the AutoMapper project site to download the latest version.

The big change for 1.1 is that Silverlight 3.0 is now officially supported.  I was able to support all of the features of regular AutoMapper, except for a few pieces that just don’t exist in Silverlight, such as IDataReader etc.  Also, I moved the source to GitHub from Google Code, which has made my life much, much easier for dealing with new features, bugs, issues and releases.  Enjoy!

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