Most boring debates ever

As lived for us every day in Twitter, irc, newsgroups, blog comments, digg, reddit, over and over and over again:

  1. vi vs. emacs
  2. Microsoft vs. Linux
  3. Firefox vs. Chrome
  4. Firefox vs. IE
  5. Firefox vs. Opera
  6. Opera vs. wait, no one cares about Opera
  7. Git vs. Hg
  8. Pairing vs. Not Pairing
  9. Beatles vs. the Stones (or the Who)
  10. Twilight vs. a slow, painful death involving hot pokers through the eyes (obviously a toss-up here)

Any other favorites?

About Jimmy Bogard

I'm a technical architect with Headspring in Austin, TX. I focus on DDD, distributed systems, and any other acronym-centric design/architecture/methodology. I created AutoMapper and am a co-author of the ASP.NET MVC in Action books.
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  • Sprocs vs. Anything Else

  • Guid vs int PK’s.

  • joe

    mitchell vs wiebe

  • Nolan Egly

    Static vs Dynamic
    Relational vs Nonrelational storage
    Empirical vs Reasoned
    Scrum vs Lean

  • Matt Hinze

    Debating vs. Complaining About Debating


  • “9. Beatles vs. the Stones (or the Who)”

    Sorry, this isn’t really a hot topic argued on twitter – time to let go. The only reason kids know these bands is because they have a Rock Band game, or are the band that did the song for the Call of Duty commercial…

  • Tabs vs. Spaces

  • ALT.NET vs Classical .NET

    Is Microsoft the problem vs Is the Community the problem

  • Brian

    I’m not sure #10 doesn’t have a clear winner.

  • Mustang v. Camaro
    .Net v. Java *still* pops up in my Google reader

  • Travis

    for gaming, console vs pc

  • Steve

    Twilight vs. Painful Death is a toss up? Death is the clear winner there.

  • Steve

    XBox v Playstation.
    Tomato v. Tomato
    Potato v. Potato
    Lets v. Calling the whole thing off.

  • Republicans vs. Democrats

    iPhone vs. Android

    Dogs vs. Cats

    EF vs. NHibernate

    Garfield slippers vs Odie slippers vs. Fuzzy Bunny slippers

    I second the .NET vs. Java. Everybody knows Ruby beats them all. :) Just kidding.

  • MVVM vs MVVM (actually the ‘vs MVVM’ bit is optional.)

  • Old school: Sega Genesis vs. Super Nintendo

  • Peter

    Agile vs pragmatism
    Unit testing vs pragmatism
    Macs vs Mac smugness

    any form of tweeted outrage

    and my new favorite word, “slacktivism”

  • mendicant

    NES vs SNES
    The Legend of Zelda vs Ocarina of Time

    Also, Opera rocks.

  • Rob

    Unicron vs. Death Star


    Beast Wars vs G1

    So I debate about Transformers. Leave me alone.

  • microfox

    C# vs. VB

  • ctacke

    Autobots v. Deceptacons. The real, crappy animated ones, not the CGI.

  • Terran vs Protoss vs Zerg

  • MVC vs WF

  • Jimmy P

    Just to be clear I’d prefer death by hot pokers

  • Hot pokers. Definitely. At least that would stop you from having to watch Twilight.

  • DotNetNinja

    Complexity of .NET vs Simplicity of Rails
    really? Yea there is more ceremony with c# being static and all..
    but complex? Its dead simple for me

  • Gary L Cox Jr

    Star Trek vs Star Wars

  • Gleb

    C++ vs C#

  • My Top 3:

    Windows vs Linux
    .NET vs JAVA
    Intel vs AMD

  • Mr. Obvious

    Sunni vs Shiite

  • true vs. false