CodeStock 2011 Wrap-up

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at the CodeStock 2011 conference. I haven’t been to a whole lot of developer-run conferences besides our own local code camps, but this one absolutely blew the others away. The organizers were great, the facilities were great, the pre- and post-conference events were great, the keynote was *fantastic* from Charles Petzold. Besides great organizers, I think what pushed this one over the top was charging just a little bit of money (something like $50-80) to make the conference really great.

I gave two talks at the conference:

The first walks through transforming an anemic domain model into one that enforces its boundaries, just through techniques of finding code smells and applying standard OO/refactoring techniques. The second talk is basically a condensation of the Pro Git book in a demo form, highlighting the things that tripped me up when I started out.

All in all, a fantastic conference, and I can’t wait to (hopefully) be back next year.

About Jimmy Bogard

I'm a technical architect with Headspring in Austin, TX. I focus on DDD, distributed systems, and any other acronym-centric design/architecture/methodology. I created AutoMapper and am a co-author of the ASP.NET MVC in Action books.
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  • Anonymous

    Jimmy, I’m hoping you answer a question for me.  
    In your Wicked Domains presentation outline, you ask “Does your ORM support it? “.
    My question to you is what ORM’s support it?

    • Anonymous

      I know that NHibernate does, Linq-2-Sql does not, and I’m not sure about EF.

    • Anonymous

      NHibernate for sure, not sure about any others.