Official site of AutoMapper launched at

I’ve (finally) officially launched the official AutoMapper site at It will be a central location for links to AutoMapper resources (mailing list, source, wiki, blog etc.) as well as a spot for news and announcements. I also have an AutoMapper Blog RSS feed for the seven people that want to keep up-to-date with the latest AutoMapper news.

The site represents the absolute limit of my design abilities, so I probably should have followed Hanselman’s advice and hired a designer (oh well).

Check out the announcement below:

It’s about time, I know, but I’ve finally launched the AutoMapper website at It’s a single place to consolidate all things AutoMapper, where you’ll find links to source, the wiki, the latest drop, the mailing list, and a blog.

I plan to use the blog as a way to publish AutoMapper news and announcements, whereas the wiki will be a spot for sample code etc. You can subscribe to the AutoMapper blog to get updates and announcements. This will include things like roadmaps, release notes and so on.

This site was built using Sinatra and Toto, hosted on Heroku with DNS provided by dnsimple. The source is also hosted on GitHub in case anyone wants to laugh at my amateur Ruby code.

Coming soon – an exciting (yet late) announcement on a Beta of AutoMapper 2.0!

Probably the coolest part about developing this site is that the only thing I had to pay for amongst all these components was the domain name – also made uber-easy with dnsimple. Dnsimple provides insanely easy integration with Heroku, to where I just needed to click a button to add Heroku support.

I’ll blog soon about how I got the site set up, as well as the components I used to build it. Did I already mention the site is hosted for free? 😉

Feedback is welcome and encouraged, preferably in the form of pull requests!

MSMQ and cached DNS