AutoMapper completely moved to GitHub

Cross posted from the AutoMapper blog (which I hope to stop cross-posting, eventually):

AutoMapper is now completely moved to GitHub:

AutoMapper GitHub

I’ve updated the site on CodePlex to reflect this move, and moved all existing content over:

  • All issues have been moved to the GitHub issues page
    • All wiki pages have been moved to the GitHub wiki.
      • All downloads have been replicated on the GitHub downloads page</ul> Having all of the project-level information in one spot will make it easier to manage. I’m not going to delete the CodePlex site, but I will not monitor that site going forward.</blockquote>

      For more AutoMapper updates, subscribe to the AutoMapper blog feed. In creating the AutoMapper GitHub site, I created the AutoMapper organization to host both the website code and AutoMapper source code.

      I don’t know if there would ever be a contrib project, but if there was, I’d put it there.

      In other news, getting close to a 2.0 beta, just making the Silverlight 4 tests pass.

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