ThatConference presentation content posted – Functional Testing in MVC

Last week I was lucky enough to speak at ThatConference – now the other awesome developer conference hosted at a Kalahari Resort. The week was a blast and I highly recommend penciling in next year’s dates to go.

I talked about functional testing in ASP.NET MVC – showing how regular unit tests don’t cover what we want, but coded UI tests can be rather brittle. The slides/code can be found at my github.


About Jimmy Bogard

I'm a technical architect with Headspring in Austin, TX. I focus on DDD, distributed systems, and any other acronym-centric design/architecture/methodology. I created AutoMapper and am a co-author of the ASP.NET MVC in Action books.
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  • Travis

    Does WatinDriver actually open a web browser window? On an average project, how long does your UITest suite take to run if so?

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it does.

      When we used Gallio, which allows parallel execution of tests, we had about 5-600 test run in an hour. We also tweaked the browser driver usage to re-use browser instances across tests (like connection pooling).

      But because these were not run in our normal CI build, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

  • Hi Jimmy, just an FYI, but I actually created a project based on your approach to full-system testing: I took different approaches in a few areas (Selenium WebDriver instead of Watin, heavier reliance on standard MVC conventions), but it all came about because of the presentation you gave to the C4MVC group a few years ago. Thanks for providing the inspiration. :)

    • Anonymous

      Nice!! Looks really polished, I’ll give it a go!