AutoMapper for Java

Every once in a while, I get a request asking if there’s anything like AutoMapper for the Java platform. For a long time, that answer was “no”. Not anymore!

Jonathan Halterman got in touch with me almost 2 years ago about any kind of AutoMapper-like tools in Java, didn’t like what he saw, and instead built a tool called ModelMapper. Note – this isn’t a port of AutoMapper, it’s a re-imagining of what AutoMapper does, optimized for the Java platform.

Check it out!

About Jimmy Bogard

I'm a technical architect with Headspring in Austin, TX. I focus on DDD, distributed systems, and any other acronym-centric design/architecture/methodology. I created AutoMapper and am a co-author of the ASP.NET MVC in Action books.
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  • JD

    That Java is some ugly ass code

    • Jonathan Halterman

      It will clean up a bit when 8 is released with the inclusion of lambdas.

  • Mike Cole


  • sarabjeet singh

    I really like that you are providing information on core and advance java , being enrolled in, i was looking for such information online to assist me on core and advance java concepts and your post helped me a lot .thAnks

  • Charl Brink

    In a previous java environment I have used Dozer ( before.