Dublin ALT.NET / Skills Matter / Kiev ALT.NET slides & code

The last few weeks I was in Europe giving a few NServiceBus trainings, and gave some local user group talks on Real World Polyglot Persistence. Two of the events were live streamed, and the SkillsMatter talk was recorded:

I had a blast talking to so many folks on the challenges of using multiple persistence strategies in the same application, from convincing management, to choosing a technology, to training developers (and just putting the pieces together). I posted my presentation and demo on my GitHub:

Real World Polyglot Persistence

In the demo, I showed how to build a single application that combined relational, key/value, document and graph databases, without resulting in a huge mess. I highlight the different strategies for using SOA services in a composite UI, as well as different ways of bridging the gap between different services. Thanks to all that came out to my talks and to the organizers that put the events on!

One thing that was really fun from traveling is it seems that the pervasiveness of social media has led to a truly global development community. And, how wrong everyone else is on picking tabs over spaces, and Visual Studio Resharper keyboard bindings over IntelliJ.

Messaging semantics: names and verbs