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A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of presenting a few talks at the NDCOslo. It’s a close contest for the most enjoyable, rewarding conference with it and CodeMash, but both have a different enough vibe that it’s #1 and #1a.

I gave 3 talks this year, ranging from code-heavy to zero code, but all a lot of fun. First up is a talk on Real World Polyglot Persistence.

Jimmy Bogard: Real World Polyglot Persistence from NDCOslo on Vimeo.

In this talk I go over the challenges of polyglot persistence, which is mainly an integration challenge. I look at different ways of integrating DBs in a single composite application, and where each flavor of database fits in.

Next up is a talk on messaging and SOA, looking at real-world solutions to our virtual problems. Just about every problem I’ve faced in SOA has already been solved by humans before computers existed, and this talk highlights techniques used in the real world and how we can use them in our systems.

Jimmy Bogard: Telephones and postcards: our brave new world of messaging from NDCOslo on Vimeo.

Finally, I gave a talk on Holistic Testing. It covers lessons learned from my nearly 10 years of doing TDD and automated testing, and where the state-of-the-art exists today. It’s a “best-practices-of-the-moment” kind of talk, mainly covering all the mistakes I’ve made and some of the cool tools I use today, such as xUnit.NET, AutoFixture and more.

Holistic Testing

It was a lot of fun to visit Oslo in June, and I hope to make it back! Enjoy!

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