AutoMapper 3.2.0 released

Full release notes on the GitHub site

Big features/improvements:

  • LINQ queryable extensions greatly improved
  • ICollection supported
  • MaxDepth supported
  • Custom MapFrom expressions supported (including aggregations)
  • Inherited mapping configuration applied
  • Windows Universal Apps supported

  • Fixed NuGet package to not have DLL in project
  • iOS confirmed to work
  • ReverseMap ignores both directions (only one Ignore() or IgnoreMap attribute needed)
  • Pre conditions on member mappings (called before resolving anything)
  • Exposing ResolutionContext everywhere, including current mapping engine instance

A lot of small improvements, too. I’ve ensured that every new extension to the public API includes code documentation. The toughest part of this release was coming up with a good solution to the multi-platform support and MSBuild’s refusal to copy indirect references to all projects.

As always, if you find any issues with this release, please report over on GitHub.


Using AutoMapper to perform LINQ aggregations